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The last 2 batches. Apply now

admin bam
30 August 2023 09:53:24

The last 2 batches. Apply now.

To be interested, please apply via:

Website: http://www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ssrutraininglocal?mibextid=LQQJ4d

1. Course: Electronic Performance of Administrative Functions - use of language in internal and external official letters, presenting official letters to supervisors, writing projects, writing minutes of meetings and destroying official books for local government organizations.


2. Course: Local Council meeting for the consideration of the 2024 annual budget ordinances to reduce errors and conflicts of the presidents, members and administrators of local council.


3. Course: Troubleshooting of events, organizing public events and sporting events; house rent, hire purchase and wage reimbursement; loan installments, training, official travel, subsidizing other agencies, helping people in case studies according to judgments and answers to financial and fiscal discussions of local governments.


For more information: https://liff.line.me/1645278921-kWRPP32q/?accountId=364krkxu

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