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Internal control, Internal audit, Risk management

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02 August 2022 20:42:02

Internal control, Internal audit, Risk management

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1. Audit working, for example

- Charter

- Audit policy

- Audit planning

- Audit working

- Work sheet

- Auditing report

- follow up the auditing

Meeting open-close


2. Distribute example files

Internal control, for example

Order documents, sample documents ปค. 1 ปค. 4 ปค. 5 and ปค. 6

3. sample risk management documents, such as Appointment of committee, Policy, Sample follow up planning, Reporting and reviewing for risk management plan

Course Money receiving audit, Disbursement, Accounting, Parceling, Reporting, Internal controling, risk management and Internal auditing of local government and academy in affiliation of local government

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#How to apply

Online : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40dxe8707e

E-mail : tte_ssru@hotmail.com

Fax : 02-160-1080

Tel : 083-0775035, 083-0342336

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