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Don’t miss.. The main content of the 2023

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08 August 2023 08:22:32

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Apply at www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th

Apply at www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th

For more details, please contact 083-0775035, 083-0342336

Don’t miss.. The main content of the 2023 public assistance regulations (new edition) and expenditure.

A lot of free gifts must be here, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University.

Meet the lecturer who is directly responsible from the Department of Local Administration #The best of the best

Meet only 5 batches, submit an application now.

Course: Guidelines for expenditure for public assistance according to the Ministry of Interior's regulations on expenses to help people 2023, with the mission of disaster prevention and mitigation agencies of local government organizations and processes for procurement.

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Applying channels:

Facebook: Suan Sunandha University Training Program

Online: www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th

 Tel.: 083-0775035, 083-0342336

Suan Sunandha Palace Hotel Department, Bureau of Assets and Income