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Get knowledge and join free online tutoring

admin bam
30 August 2023 10:46:51

Invites to join the training in September 2023

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 Training for both main and sub-accounting will become more intense, changes to the chart of 

accounts and all types of audits to prepare for the closing of 2023 (sub-accounting receive a file to adjust the chart of accounts together with an account closing file and auditing financial statements in one file, ready to send to the auditing unit. Therefore, please prepare your work in 2023 to make it easier to prepare for closing the account).

Course: Revision of the standard chart of accounts used in the Computerized Accounting System of Local Government Organizations (e-LAAS) and auditing of all types of accounts to prepare for closing the accounts of local governments and subordinate entities.

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For more information: https://liff.line.me/1645278921-kWRPP32q/?accountId=364krkxu

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Apply online: http://www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th/

 Phone number: 083-0775035, 083-0342336