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Meet you certainly, Batch 4 Chiangmai Administrative Staff

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16 June 2023 10:20:45

Meet you certainly, Batch 4 #Chiangmai

#Administrative Staff

Course: “Professional Administrative Staff”: using electronics for work, using language for internal and external official letters, presenting an official letter to supervisor, writing project, writing minutes of meeting and destroying official documents for local government organizations.

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Meet the Chairman of the Community Development Club. Aj. Chatchawan who has direct experience.

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Subsistence allowance management before the end of fiscal year.

Trainees must prepare for registration for the fiscal year 2024.

Sub-district municipalities must request budget directly from the Budget Office for fiscal year 2024.

Presence and account verification in October 2022 is it necessary to do?

What can be used for the surplus budget that the Comptroller General's Department transferred to the local government organization for the 13th time?

In case of the elderly allowance and disability allowance are left over, can the budget be transferred to other activities?

In case of elderly who must register in October and November 2022, which local government organizations must accept the registration who thoese move from other area by November 2022, what kind of retrospective payments must be made?

In case of the eligible people has not claim the allowance, what should be done?

In case of unsuccessful transfering in September 2022, what can be done?

What is the date of the announcement of qualified people for allowance of the fiscal year 2023?

And various problems that may not be able to find a solution.

Course: Criteria and guidelines for paying elderly allowance, disability allowances and allowances for AIDS patients and the mission transferring of children and youth council according to the action plan, the process of decentralization to local government organizations, No. 3.

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