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19 May 2023 11:47:52

- Education Budget 2024

- Disbursement rules that are ready to explain

- Review the educational development plan

- Prepare an action plan for the fiscal year 2024

- Expense of accumulated income according to specific regulations @364krkxu

Apply at www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th

For more information, please contact 083-0775035, 083-0342336

Meet duo host: Aj. Korkarn Fodsongnern and Aj. Ronnakrit Akkaritdamrong

Stunning questions:

How to use the accumulated income from educational institutions: Division of Education, Schools, Child Development Centers?

Never done properly.

How to write a project in accordance with the objectives?

Ways to disburse budget.

Is the lunch project really listed by the municipality or ordinance?

How to make an income and expenditure estimate for schools and child development centers?

The method of writing the statement and details must be in accordance with the regulations' cost rates.

    It is worth course, reserving your seat now.

Course: An example of preparation of basic information for an application for an education subsidy budget, fiscal year 2024, both the form of the Bureau of Budget and the Department of Local Administration and technic for hit the point to prepare PA plan.

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Application channel:

Facebook: Suan Sunandha University Training Program

Online: www.aobrom.ssru.ac.th

 Tel: 083-0775035, 083-0342336