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Thursday menus Suan Sunandha Curry Rice

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14 September 2022 14:17:38

Thursday menus

Suan Sunandha Curry Rice

Start Price only 40.- bhaht

Pad kaprao moo sub (Stir-fried basil with minced pork)

Pad pakkad dong (Stir-fried pickled cabbage)

Geang taipla (Southern thai fish organ curry)

 Yum sood zab (Very spicy mixed salad)

Kai tom (Boiled egg)

Kai dao (Fried egg)

Moo yor tod (Fried Vietnamese sausage)

Kao kaijeew (Thai style omelet rice)

Kao suay (Cooked rice)

 Open daily from 11:00 - 17:00

Location : Food kiosk in front of Suan sunandha palace hotel

Free delivery in university and nearby

Pre-order, Please call : 0-2160-1419, 0-2160-1480

Line OA : @ssrudelivery or click https://lin.ee/bxIfgnQ

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