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3rd Batch @Bangkok #apply now

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02 August 2022 20:38:33

3rd Batch @Bangkok #apply now

If you have data, we have prepared for annual closing by click the copy button then every financial statements will finish and show report on demand, reserve a seat for now

15-17 July 2022 @Bangkok

22-23 July 2022 @Khao yai

29-31 July 2022 @ Chiang Mai

Training for Academic accounting (sub), Automatic excel program for trial balance, pass, ledger, income, expense and everything that audit by office of the auditor general of Thailand

Course Academic accounting and improvement depreciation with readymade excel program for annual closing for fiscal year 2022

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online : https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40dxe8707e

E-mail : tte_ssru@hotmail.com

Fax : 02-160-1080

Tel : 083-0775035, 083-0342336

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