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Tuesday Menu

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17 July 2022 14:03:05

 Tuesday Menu

Suan Sunandha Palace Rice and Curry

 Starting from 40 baht

   Stir fried bamboo shoots with chicken

   Tum Yum Chicken

   Stir fried beans with pork

   Spicy stir fried pork

   Spicy stir fried fish ball

   Stir fried vegetable with pork

   Deep fried sausage

   Deep fired egg

   Spicy salad

   Rice with omelette

 Open ever day from 10:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Location: Food kiosk in front of Suan Sunandha Palace Hotel

Free delivery in SSRU and nearby

Pre-orderl  0-2160-1419, 0-2160-1480

Line OA : @ssrudelivery or https://lin.ee/bxIfgnQ



Website: https://bam.ssru.ac.th/news/view/000625650050