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July – August 2022 #Register now 8 batches with 6 courses

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July – August 2022

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8 batches with 6 courses

 Chiangmai  Ubon  Udon  Chiangrai  Pattaya  Suratthani Cha-Am  Bangkok

Every selected courses are ready with a full 12 hours

Join any batches you choose. Every course is packed with content. The guest speaker is responsible closely—clear, hit the point and correct

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Educational budget and procurement


Preparing an educational institution plan


Local council budget

House renting reimbursement

 Course  Workshop on the preparation of / adding / changing educational development plan (B.E. 2556 - 2570), the fiscal year 2023 action plan and preparation of payment from accumulated income of educational institutions project

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 Course  The principle of local administrators supervisors and employees regarding discipline, disciplinary action,  disciplinary order agianst, request of new disciplinary action and guideline for compliance with the Ministry of Interior and the Office of the Central Committee’ s relevant rules.


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 Course  Organizing events and public events, promoting sports and tournaments, reimbursement for aministration, renting house, training, and government travel expense for local organizations.

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 Course  Consideration for approval of the regulations for the fiscal year 2023 Annual Budget  Act, and local council meeting as the role of chairman of the local council, local council member and local adminisstrators.



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 Course  Land and building tax in accordance with the rules, method and condition under building tax law and other.

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